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Fraise Cafe, Fullerton, CA CSUF

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Fraise Cafe

French Restaurant Fullerton CA

At the highly regarded French restaurant and café Fraise Café, take in the dynamic culinary scene of Fullerton, California. Enjoy a pleasant dining experience with their superb cuisine, which offers a variety of mouthwatering meals. At this Mediterranean refuge, savor traditional Greek flavors or look into their gluten-free selections for a nutritious and filling breakfast.

Fullerton is a sanctuary for food lovers, offering a variety of dining options. Explore the newest additions to the culinary scene and go on a gourmet journey.

Do you want pancakes? At Fraise Café, eat pancakes without gluten. There are several eateries in Fullerton that can satisfy your appetites for dinner, breakfast, lunch, or brunch. Visit the Fraise Café in Fullerton, California, for an amazing gastronomic adventure. Visit their website

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Fresh, Tasty, and Fun Food

Fraise Café’s cuisine is here to nourish life, serving fabulous healthy, great tasting food with fresh, premium, sustainable ingredients and organic whenever possible. With affordable sweet choices with every breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, we elevate the dining experience to extraordinary. There is no compromise on taste with our menu, whether you choose gluten-free or vegetarian, and always non-GMO flour in our crepes. We strive to make life fulfilling and happy.

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Fraise Café invites you to indulge in our delicious, freshly made foods and drinks.

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